Monday, August 9, 2010

Fresh Start.....

About 2 weeks ago I went to post on my blog and got this big Error that said my blog had been deleted! Oh Yeah....I was highly upset! I have been trying to get it back ever since and have finally decided that I would start a new one...Yes, I know that's years worth of  my blogging life gone but everyone says a fresh start is good for the soul, I guess I am going to find that out first hand. So please excuse the mess as I get my blog back to being my blog!

Okay a high light of the last 2 weeks....I became a Aunt, Jason's sister Beth and her Hubby had their first child, a boy named Easton, and they are all doing awesome. I will show pictures as soon as I Okay it with Beth.  My kids started school which means, my baby has started Kindergarten. She is crying when I leave her so of course I cry all the way home. Today though we both did a lot better so I am hoping the worse is over. She really is trying to be a big girl but she has my nervous stomach and it starts hurting on the way to school every morning. I just really hope she gets over it soon. Here are pictures of Will and Sydney on their first day. Kristin was in a bad mood this morning, Teenage stuff, so I let her escape the picture taking. I will get her later!

As far as being creative the last week, I wasn't! I did a couple cards but that is all. My free time was going into trying to fix my blog and we all see how that ended. So I will share the cards with you. I used Stamping Up Stamps on both cards. I am really trying to get more creative with my stamps and making cards is a great way to practice.

Thank You so much for stopping by, I will be doing some changes to my blog so keep checking back! I really want to put on a slide show that has all my layouts in it but I have to figure out how! Anyone have any suggestions? Well have a great day and try to stay out of the heat!