Monday, August 9, 2010

Fresh Start.....

About 2 weeks ago I went to post on my blog and got this big Error that said my blog had been deleted! Oh Yeah....I was highly upset! I have been trying to get it back ever since and have finally decided that I would start a new one...Yes, I know that's years worth of  my blogging life gone but everyone says a fresh start is good for the soul, I guess I am going to find that out first hand. So please excuse the mess as I get my blog back to being my blog!

Okay a high light of the last 2 weeks....I became a Aunt, Jason's sister Beth and her Hubby had their first child, a boy named Easton, and they are all doing awesome. I will show pictures as soon as I Okay it with Beth.  My kids started school which means, my baby has started Kindergarten. She is crying when I leave her so of course I cry all the way home. Today though we both did a lot better so I am hoping the worse is over. She really is trying to be a big girl but she has my nervous stomach and it starts hurting on the way to school every morning. I just really hope she gets over it soon. Here are pictures of Will and Sydney on their first day. Kristin was in a bad mood this morning, Teenage stuff, so I let her escape the picture taking. I will get her later!

As far as being creative the last week, I wasn't! I did a couple cards but that is all. My free time was going into trying to fix my blog and we all see how that ended. So I will share the cards with you. I used Stamping Up Stamps on both cards. I am really trying to get more creative with my stamps and making cards is a great way to practice.

Thank You so much for stopping by, I will be doing some changes to my blog so keep checking back! I really want to put on a slide show that has all my layouts in it but I have to figure out how! Anyone have any suggestions? Well have a great day and try to stay out of the heat!


  1. Sorry about the blog but loving the new one so far! And big hugs to you and your baby starting school! It's always so bittersweet. Love the cards!

  2. Cute cards and cute B2S pictures !

  3. Hi Jennifer, I soooo adore the colors you chose...very PRETTY ! So sorry about the disappearance of your other Blog but must agree that fresh starts are Great ! x0x0 norma

  4. Sorry about the old blog but I love your new look!

    Re: Slideshow I created mine on Photobucket.

  5. oh NO! i can't even believe it. i did hear that happening to someone else and that stinks. how does it just disappear?

    looove your cards!

  6. I love your cards! Is that tree a stamp? I think I need it!

  7. Hope this one doesn't do that!! I love the look and I think I created my slide on can't even remember!! Those are such cute cards and pics:)

  8. ugh! That is awful about your other blog!!
    I LOVE this one!!
    and your cards...WOW!! Gorgeous!

  9. Oh no, that stinks!
    But yeah for the fresh new start.
    Awww...they look so ready to take on school.
    Cute cards!